Raspberry The Rehearsal-Fittings MultiMedia

As associate artist in residence I’ve just spent fascinating 4 days watching and drawing the rehearsal of ‘Raspberry’ A co-production between Fittings Multimedia Arts, Sounds of Progress and the Tron Theatre, Glasgow. http://www.tron.co.uk/event/raspberry/

‘Oi Oi! In a small wee town where tin was shaped and forged, a blacksmith had a daughter not quite the trim. Rita was a bit different.
Now as far as the blacksmith was concerned this was a cosmic joke to far, so he set about changing things. Coz tin was his game, within which he’d achieved a modicum of fame, he tried to bend and shape her like a Uri Geller spoon’.

i had a cracking time …..huddled in a corner of the studio with my easel, papers and drawing/painting materials watching out for moments of passionate and sensitive scenes by the actors as they work through their roles……it was fascinating seeing the performance unfold and develop in front of my eyes and to visualize what I saw in drawings and paintings. I had to work quickly to capture micro moments that are only usually scene by the actors and the director. it was also an insight to how the director and the actors/ musicians bounce off on another to create a believable moment that is so quickly for the moment….then puffffff gone!

it was truly an extraordinary experience to  just ‘BE’ an artist….a painter…..an illustrator of people, being other people……capturing the rehearsal is something that I’ve been thinking of developing for a while and when i suggested it to Garry Robson Director of Fittings he thought it a ‘Marvolous’ idea. so now I’m in the process of using the artwork in making a multimedia animation in collaboration with Neil Webber a nationally acclaimed animator.

‘Raspberry The Rehearsal’ will screen in the foyer of all the venues as Raspberry tours Scotland and England. http://www.fittings.org.uk/index.html 


About Tanya Raabe

Tanya Raabe Visual Artist: an established Artist has recently toured Who’S WhO – portraits of established disabled artists nationally, including screening at National Portrait Gallery; exhibition tour, Light House, Wolverhampton; The Place, Telford; Oriel Wrexham, Shape, London. Recently as Artist Advisor to ACE and Cultural Olympiad on Artist taking the Lead commissioning panel. I'm Presently creating a new commision for Meadow Arts / National Trust Croft Castle, 'The Custodians'.
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