Tom Shakespeare portrait Tate Modern and More…

Its still all go in the world or Revealing Culture HeadOn… where have I got up to. Well

the charasmatic Tom Shakespeare sat for his portrait in Tate Modern earlyer this month and what a great day it was. When we opened the doors for the public to join us they came in waves joining us in strange sometimes challenging conversations about how we manage life, pain and struggle, to more artistic lead debates about composition, line, colour and structure……it was even quite sureal at times as we were again an art exhibit… we decided to ask people who joined us where they were from and we got people from, New Zealand, Belgiem, Italy, Africa, Sweden, California, and more. Then there were People who had traveled especially for the event from Norwich and Glasgow. Well i was impressed!!!!

Tom said this about the Sitting: 

“I was honoured to be included in Tanya’s selection of sitters representative of the diversity of disability culture. Having visited the Tate so often, it was fun to be part of the display, not part of the audience, and to experience how Tanya works as an artist. When the doors opened in the afternoon, and random visitors trickled and sometimes flooded into our little studio, we had some good banter but also I think challenged some preconceptions about disability. It’s always strange and a little disturbing to see how other people see you, but I look forward to seeing myself through Tanya’s eyes.”

 See some of the photos of Tom’s Sitting at:

so Whats next on this fantastic journey……well now i’m in my studio starting the painting portraits of all these interesting people. My studio is based in my house in the scenic Shropshire Hills….it very quiet and i can think solely about these characteres as I get consumed by the paint……to get you all started on this part of the journey with me checkout these photos of the progress so far….i think they are looking Rather good. What do you think? 

About Tanya Raabe

Tanya Raabe Visual Artist: an established Artist has recently toured Who’S WhO – portraits of established disabled artists nationally, including screening at National Portrait Gallery; exhibition tour, Light House, Wolverhampton; The Place, Telford; Oriel Wrexham, Shape, London. Recently as Artist Advisor to ACE and Cultural Olympiad on Artist taking the Lead commissioning panel. I'm Presently creating a new commision for Meadow Arts / National Trust Croft Castle, 'The Custodians'.
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