Liz Carr’s portrait sitting

Liz Carr was a brilliant sitter and had great stories to tell about her travels around the world, her ever entertaining life, her family and her wedding plans for this November…… good look girl…..lookingforward to hearing a million and one funny stories…………

Liz said this about her portrait sitting at Tate Liverpool……

“Tanya dragged me up to the Tate Liverpool to do my portrait.  As someone who now lives in London, this was initially a little annoying but as I sat there and Tanya began to sketch me, I was looking out over the River Mersey.  I was looking across the river to the other side, to the Wirral, where I grew up.  So how appropriate to be talking about my history, about how I’d become involved in disability politics and arts with my childhood town as the backdrop.  I loved sitting there, chatting away, being the centre of attention.  Tanya had such an easy touch with the paint brush, the charcoal and the people who came to watch and portrait.  The best part though?  Had to be when my parents popped in to have a look at what we were up to.  

Dad in his cap, mum with her shopping bag and both succumbed to Tanya’s charms and had a go at drawing me.  Surreal.  Funny.  The place where I grew up and the people who brought me up created a brilliant context for this brilliant artist.”

When Liz’s parents joined us i suddenly felt under scruteny…..had i drawn their daughter in a good light…..Liz’s parents critiqued my work with honour, fascination and with great acievement…..they loved it! well they appreciated it especially my interpretation of Liz’s hands…..then we discussed a system for drawing hands that my University lecturers suggested i use……’draw hands like bunches of bananas’…..i’ve been adopting this approach ever since.

Liz's Parents draw Liz

Liz's Parents draw Liz

tanya draws Liz Carr

Tanya draws Liz Carr

Mostly I’m in my studio working up the paintings……a mean feat… far I’ve got eight portraits up and running. so at the mo I’m blocking in. That is underpainting, laying down the colours and creating the forms of the portraits. some are full length others are head and torso. All have two objects that they brought to talk about, one object is a personal one, something that describes them as a person and one object has disability cultural significance. as I’m not into painting detail I’m struggling with interpretation of these objects in paint! I may use a mix media approach using montage.

About Tanya Raabe

Tanya Raabe Visual Artist: an established Artist has recently toured Who’S WhO – portraits of established disabled artists nationally, including screening at National Portrait Gallery; exhibition tour, Light House, Wolverhampton; The Place, Telford; Oriel Wrexham, Shape, London. Recently as Artist Advisor to ACE and Cultural Olympiad on Artist taking the Lead commissioning panel. I'm Presently creating a new commision for Meadow Arts / National Trust Croft Castle, 'The Custodians'.
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