Intensly Painting and other stuff

I’m totally absorbed by my paintings at the mo in my studio, thinking eating and living colour in luscious oils good enough to eat. Since christmas I’ve worked on eight of the new portraits and I’m getting quite excited with the results while getting addicted to Radio 4’s Womans Hr, which is the next media show that I’m aspiring to be on. I’m addicted to the afternoon plays and You and Yours with Peter Wight who i think i should paint as he was at The Ability Media International Awards receiving the fellowship award as i was presented with the Visual Arts award by Jude Kelly, Art Director of SouthBank, London   who during the Champagne reception offered me an exhibition at the SouthBank, London, that I’ve now got to chase up when I’ve got a mo between painting. so watch this space. you can checkout the awards here. In January I was also featured in Art of England magazine, another mainstream media hit…..where will it all end!

Garry's hand holding foot

Garry's hand holding foot

Garry Robson’s hand holding his foot. Interpreting the subjects hands and feet is proving challenging and I’ve had to explore the visual language of the paint, but i do think its coming together. the smaller the object the more difficult it is. i love to work on large object and concerning my self with detail has made me rethink how to interpret detail with just a colour or a simple brushstrokes. to see more photos on Flickr.

Micheles disability cultural object: airfreshener

Micheles disability cultural object: airfreshener

the sitters brought objects that reflect disability culture and themselves. Michele Taylor brought an air freshener as her disability cultural object…..mmmma strange one u may ask!! well you’ll have to wait to hear her analogy that will be here talking about it in the Multi-Media portrait that will be launched at the exhibition Solihull Arts Complex, Birmingham opens 27 June 2011, Private View 30 June 2011, closes 14 August 2011.
What else have i been doing!……I’ve been busy working with Fittings Multimedia Arts as their Associate Artist having fun and making artworks to support their Raspberry performance that is now showing at Oval House Theatre, another pioneering moment! I’ve created Raspberry The Rehearsal an animation combining drawing of the rehearsal  along with the takeouts, takefives, moments of music and acting from the rehearsal made last March at the Tron, Glasgow. As well as creating ‘Raspberry Ripple’ a tryptic painted sketch of the happening during the rehearsal.    
Raspberry Ripple tryptic
Raspberry Ripple tryptic

check it out at the and the workshop i’m running along side the show. Perfection VS Perfectability.

As Associate Artist with Fittings I’ve been gadding about the country running The Ugly Spirit workshops exploring the divided Self with the ever flamboyant artist David Hoyle. we’ve been to Hereward College, Coventry, Project Ability Glasgow, met some very graceful elders in London and explored Gay Disabled culture with Homotopia, Liverpool. Artworks made will go to influencing the look of the finished Performance of The Ugly Spirit an Unlimited commission. check it out on flickr.  so it’s all very exciting stuff…….blymy i’m exhausted just thinking about it all!!!!

About Tanya Raabe

Tanya Raabe Visual Artist: an established Artist has recently toured Who’S WhO – portraits of established disabled artists nationally, including screening at National Portrait Gallery; exhibition tour, Light House, Wolverhampton; The Place, Telford; Oriel Wrexham, Shape, London. Recently as Artist Advisor to ACE and Cultural Olympiad on Artist taking the Lead commissioning panel. I'm Presently creating a new commision for Meadow Arts / National Trust Croft Castle, 'The Custodians'.
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