The Three Faces of Donald

Tanya Raabe-Webber Visual Artist

Being very productive in the studio today. Working on the three faces of Donald an outsider artist. I worked with Donald a couple of years ago in the arty Party project. For two years Donald created abstract painting is very prolifically and I was only just beginning to understand what he was painting and how was painting and what was influencing him.

My painting is an homage to his arts practice and I hope to work with him again this year sometime.

Donald is a man of very few words. The word blue he says over and over again whilst he paints and he also makes grants and murmur motoring sounds as he gets absorbed by his painting.

Whilst I paint his portrait from memory I remember our communication with which we need no words just colour, paint, and brush!


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About Tanya Raabe

Tanya Raabe Visual Artist: an established Artist has recently toured Who’S WhO – portraits of established disabled artists nationally, including screening at National Portrait Gallery; exhibition tour, Light House, Wolverhampton; The Place, Telford; Oriel Wrexham, Shape, London. Recently as Artist Advisor to ACE and Cultural Olympiad on Artist taking the Lead commissioning panel. I'm Presently creating a new commision for Meadow Arts / National Trust Croft Castle, 'The Custodians'.
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