ABOUT Tanya Raabe

Biography: Tanya Raabe

Tanya Raabe was ‘born to paint’, and emerged from Scarborough, North Yorkshire to establish herself as a pioneering visual artist. Since 1987, she
has produced artwork which explores the concepts of identity, a disabled self, and the nude in contemporary art. Tanya gained a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at
Leeds Polytechnic in 1990, and an MA in Communication Design at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997.

After exhibiting her work in group shows throughout the UK,Tanya embarked on a career as a solo artist – making and exhibiting artworks
nationally. Tanya’s series of portraits: Who’S WhO, was particularly successful and was exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery as part of The Meet The
Artists programme. The Who’S WhO project went on to tour nationally, with destinations including DaDaFest 2008, Oriel Wrexham, and Shape in London. The
collection continues to make periodic appearances around the country.

In 2010, Tanya won the Ability Media International Award for her work within visual arts. Prior to this, Tanya was presented with a Visual Arts
Award from DaDaFest 2008. She has also received a number of Grants for the Arts awards form Arts Council England – funding the 2008 Who’S WhO project and the
2009–2011 project,

Revealing Culture: HeadOn. Tanya has had many private and public art commissions including: Architects Inside Out: Tate Modern, Art Matters:
Tate Britain, Shape and Engage: Explore, Unlimited Cultural Olympiad commissions through: DASH and Fittings Multimedia Arts and Raspberry Ripple triptych and
screen based installation.

Ability Media International Award 2010. Jude Kelly Artistic Director SouthBank presents Tanya with her Award

Ability Media International Award 2010. Jude Kelly Artistic Director SouthBank presents Tanya with her Award

Tanya has also been an artistic advisor on the West Midlands region of the Cultural Olympiad commissioning fund: Artists Taking the Lead. She has been
featured discussing her latest work including Revealing Culture: HeadOn and R:Evolve whilst creating a live portrait of Mat Fraser on BBC’s flagship
arts programme; The Culture Show. She is an Associate Artist and Director with Fittings Multimedia Arts. Tanya also continues to work as
a workshop facilitator, creating collaborative participatory projects with theatre companies, art galleries, universities and colleges both nationally and internationally. Her work has been published internationally in Representation of Sex, by H. Hagiwara, Osaka Women’s University, Japan, and more recently in the magazine; Art of England.

My art uses the visual language of paint and digital technologies to depict the fundamental ideologies of a disability self. I create images that use myth against reality juxtaposing these ideologies to evoke challenging and confrontational images of beauty that is an integral part of a contemporary society.

“…groundbreaking and really
absolutely necessary”  Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of Southbank Centre


left to right. Sandy Nairne Director National Portrait Gallery, Tanya, Tony Heaton, CEO Shape

left to right. Sandy Nairne Director National Portrait Gallery, Tanya, Tony Heaton, CEO Shape

“…impertinent in scale and
wonderfully constructed”  Sandy Nairne Director
of the National Portrait Gallery

As I evolve and develop my art work I find myself battling between traditional oil/acrylic painting and ever evolving digital technologies. I am interested in finding ways of combining traditional with contemporary visual languages that challenge the viewers’ perception of what they think they are seeing.


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  2. pierrmorgan says:

    Hello, Tanya – wow! Thank you for following my blog – I am so honored. Your work is full of indomitable spirit…no holding back…you inspire at a very deep level. Thank you.

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