Garry Robson

Garry Robson

Actor, Artistic Director DaDaFest 10 International and Fittings Multimedia Arts

Oil on canvas, 30″ x 36″, 2011

Painting of Garry Robson posing nude with his objects, a mouary carving and a family Photo

Painting of Garry Robson posing nude with his objects, a mouary carving and a family Photo

Garry Robson is one of the most respected directors, actors and innovators in Disability Led performance –
working in the UK and internationally through his North West based
company: Fittings Multimedia Arts and as Artistic Director of DaDaFest
International 2008 and 2010.

He has directed over thirty professional productions both nationally and internationally; was a Drama Advisor
for both the Arts Council England and the Scottish Arts Council; and is currently
an Unlimited Awards panel member.

As an actor he has played roles as varied as Clov in Endgame, Peachum in The 3d Opera, one third
of a Drag act in Wheelchairs, the Dame in Strafford East’s Pinocchio, and for
SOP in Heal and Heid. He appeared in the seminal The Last Freakshow, the widely
praised Two and the smash hit musical Reasons to be Cheerful all directed by
Jenny Sealey, Artistic Director of Graeae Theatre Company, who in an earlier
life directed him in Sea Changes – a version of the
Tempest where he played the didgeridoo badly and made children laugh. His
Herald Angel Award was for the crip part of gothic carnie musical pranksters,
Blind Gurl and the Crips.

On telly he has played misunderstood baddies in The Bill and Silent Witness and was recently seen as
The Commander compering CBBC’s new children’s game show Crisis Control.

“Coming from an era that invariably prefixes nude with ‘naughty’ – thank you Mr Dury,
Flanders and Swan and Carry On – I did indeed feel a little naughty
and rather joyful in displaying my stick thin legs and accompanying bits
to the whole wide world. Whether the world is ready for such a
display is quite another matter….”


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